If you’re in search of the top music playlists for scooter riding, dancing when nobody is looking, or just chilling out, look no further than NIU Tunes.

The team at NIU put together a diverse collection of Spotify playlists for our NIU Club fans, or for anyone who needs some music in their life!



NIU Tunes Spotify Playlist: Anatomy of a NIU

Pop / Alternative / Electronic

Need some pep in your step? Maybe you’ve had a long day or it’s just getting started, and you need some upbeat music to set you on the right path? If so, the #MakeLifeElectric playlist has got you covered.

Featuring a variety of genres, from electronic to pop to alternative, this playlist has something for everyone. The playlist begins with some inspirational electronic music, rich with synthesizers. It takes a journey through pop and club hits to get your foot tapping and head bobbing to the beat. Finally, the playlist reaches its destination with some catchy alternative and rock songs to keep your energy levels high.


Anatomy of a NIU

NIU Tunes Spotify Playlist: Anatomy of a NIU

Parts of a NIU Scooter

Can you name all the key components of a NIU scooter? Well after you listen to the Anatomy of a NIU playlist, you should be able to!

Featuring great songs like “Wheels” by Cake, “Dashboard” by Modest Mouse, “Battery” by Metallica, and more. And of course, every NIU needs an iconic “Halo” light — brought to life in this playlist by Beyoncé herself.

We won’t ruin the full tracklist for you — take a listen to the playlist to explore the ins and outs of a NIU scooter.


Ride the Beat

NIU Tunes Spotify Playlist: Ride the Beat

Electronic / Techno / Bass

Transport yourself to a world of atmospheric alleyways, neon lights, and underground clubs.

Ride the Beat into the future with this selection of bass-heavy electronic and techno tracks from NIU Tunes. This playlist begins with some more upbeat electronic bangers, and then descends deeper into the basement levels of the club.

Listen to these tracks while out on the town, or start your own home dance party.


Pump the Brakes

Chill / Downtempo

Everyone needs to slow their roll on occasion. Our collection of top music playlists would not be complete without a selection of NIU Tunes to help you chill out.

Pump the Brakes highlights some relaxed (but still groovy) songs that you can vibe to. Sit back, put on some headphones, and feel the musical waves wash over you.

This relaxing getaway is worth the pit stop.


Cruisin’ Classics

NIU Tunes Spotify Playlist: Cruisin' Classics

Classic Rock

Sometimes classics are the best, and this Cruisin’ Classics playlist is no exception!

Tear up the streets with a host of classic rock tracks from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Or tune your air guitar and host a jam session with a friend!

Let your hair down, stretch out those neck muscles, and let the headbanging begin!


These five collections are just the beginning of NIU Tunes. Stay tuned for more top music playlists in the future, as well as periodic updates to these tracklists.

Happy listening!