KQi Kick Scooter

  • How do I contact after-sales service?

    You can get in touch with our customer service team by submitting a ticket online.

  • What should I do if the kick scooter cannot be turned on for the first time?

    In order to better protect the battery system, the kick scooter has been placed in transportation mode before leaving the factory.

    Before first use, connect the charger and plug it to the mains supply to activate and charge the scooter.

  • How many riding modes do NIU KQi kick scooters have?

    The NIU Kick Scooter has four riding modes.

    1. Eco mode
    2. Sport mode
    3. Custom mode (in-App)
    4. Pedestrian

    Press the power/operation button to switch between riding modes. You can switch between Eco mode and Sports mode, or set your Custom mode in the NIU App.

  • What is the typical range of the KQi scooters?

    KQi2 pro and KQi3 Sport have a typical range of up to 40km.
    KQi3 Pro has a typical range of up to 50km.
    KQi3 Max has a typical range of up to 65km.

    Typical range is determined by testing fully charged KQI scooters with a rider weighting 75kg riding at a constant speed of 15km/h on a flat road at 25 ⁰C ambient temperature.

    The results may vary depending on speed, rider weight, road condition, temperature and other factors,

  • How do I change the riding modes with my KQi scooter?

    Long press the power button to turn on (or off) the kick scooter and then short press once to change riding modes.

    For your safety, the new kick scooter will be locked in the E-save mode of up to 15km/h for the first 200m of riding. After that, the kick scooter will give a beeping sound. You can now switch modes and ride at maximum speed.

    Custom mode can be enabled in the NIU app allowing you to set your preferred top speed. For safety reasons, mode selection is disabled in custom mode. 

    Pedestrian mode is enabled with five presses of the power button, and limits the scooter to a maximum of 64km/h.

    Cruise control is also available on all Australian and New Zealand models, which can be enabled in the NIU app.

  • How many configurations and colours do NIU KQi kick scooters come in?

    The KQi1 is available in Pro only and comes in black.

    The KQi2 is available in Pro only and comes in grey and white.

    The KQi3 is available in three versions: Max, Pro and Sport.

    The available colours for the various configurations are:

    • KQi3 Max: Space grey
    • KQi3 Pro: Black/Rose gold
    • KQi3 Sport: White/Blue/Black/Red
  • What accessories are included in the box?

    The standard accessories include:

    1. Power adaptor x1
    2. Extension nozzle x1
    3. Assembly screws (numbers vary with models)
    4. 3mm Wrench x1
    5. Grip mat (only for KQi2)
  • What are the specifications of the front and rear tyres on the NIU kick scooter?

    The NIU Kick Scooter uses 9.5” to 10” puncture-resistant tubeless pneumatic tyres with a normal tyre pressure of between 45 and 50 psi. If you need to replace the tyres, please contact our customer service.

  • How do I ride the NIU kick scooter? What precautions should I take?

    Power up the kick scooter. Stand with one foot on the main body and kick off with the other foot. When the kick scooter is gliding and reaches ≥ 5km/h, place both feet on the main body and gently press the throttle.

    For your safety, the throttle will only be activated when the kick scooter has reached a speed of 5km/h. When riding the kick scooter, please ensure that you wear protective gear, such as a approved bicycle/skateboard helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards.

  • What are the requirements for the rider?

    The NIU kick scooter can handle a maximum weight of up to 100kg (120kg for KQi3 Max). The rider should also be at least 16 years old, be in good health and have learned the essentials of kick scooter riding.

  • Can I ride the kick scooter on rainy days or over puddles and water obstacles?

    Although the kick scooter is rated IP54 weather resistant, we do not recommend riding it on rainy days, slippery roads or over any water level that exceeds 2cm for safety reasons.

  • How many degrees can the handlebar of the NIU kick scooter be steered to the left or right?

    The total steering angle to the left or right of the front wheel is 1100.

  • How long does a NIU battery last?

    A good battery is the most essential feature in any electric mobility vehicle or device.

    That is why NIU offers a 2-year battery life warranty.

    All NIU kick scooter batteries are thoroughly tested to ensure you will reach 500 charging cycles before a noticeable difference in your daily use. 

    If we take the KQi3 Pro as an example, we can see that with a range of up to 50km, a daily commute of 8km, and assuming that it is charged every 3 days, then 500 charging cycles can last 1500 days or about 4 years.

    In the NIU app, you can easily find all the information about your battery and charging cycles.

  • Is the battery of the NIU kick scooter removable?

    The NIU kick scooter has a non-removable battery. If you encounter any problems with the battery, please contact our customer service.

  • Can I increase or decrease the top speed of the NIU kick scooter?

    All NIU kick scooters are designed to comply with the laws and regulations of riding in Australia. Therefore the top speed is capped at 25km/h. A lower top speed can be set by selecting the Custom mode in the NIU E-scooter App. 

  • How do I clean my NIU kick scooter?

    It is recommended to use a neutral detergent and water to clean the NIU kick scooter. Do not spray water on the NIU kick scooter as there are electrical components within. Use a soft cloth to wipe the kick scooter after cleaning to prevent any scratches.

  • My NIU kick scooter needs maintenance and spare parts. What should I do?

    You can contact our customer service team for advice and action.

  • Can I turn off the halo light?

    The NIU halo light is a daytime running light and cannot be switched off. With the Halo light on, riders can be seen from very far away. This form of passive safety feature goes a long way towards ensuring your safety when riding your NIU kick scooter. During the daytime, using a daylight running light reduces the accident rate by 12% and fatality rate from accidents by 26%.

  • Does the KQi3 have a suspension system?

    While the KQi3 does not have traditional suspension, it does use larger, wider tubeless pneumatic tyres that provide excellent shock absorption. Some solid-wheeled scooters require suspension to provide the most basic of comforts, but this is not required with the larger, wider tubeless pneumatic tyres we use for the KQi3.

  • What is the best tyre pressure for my kick scooter?

    Using the right tyre pressure for your kick scooter is important. It is not only the tyre that supports the weight of your kick scooter but also the air inside the tyre. Tyre pressure can influence your kick scooter performance such as driving comfort and general handling behaviour.

    The tyre pressure for your kick scooter should be between 45 and 50 psi or 3.10 and 3.44 bar. You can also find this information in your user manual. It is best to check your tyre pressure every month.

  • Why do you call it a "kick scooter"?

    The NIU electric kick scooter needs to be "kicked" to start moving and then the motor takes over, carrying you to speeds of up to 25km/h in comfort and style.

  • How long is the service life of the folding part of the kick scooter?

    It can tolerate at least 3,000 folds under normal use conditions. However, you should still be careful when folding your kick scooter and properly secure the latch when folding and unfolding.

KQi App

  • How do I install the NIU App on my mobile device?

    The NIU App is available at the Apple App or Google Play Store. The NIU App is compatible for use with iOS version 10.0 or above, Android 5.0 or above, and Bluetooth version 4.2 or above.

  • Do I need to install and use the NIU App to ride my NIU kick scooter?

    It is still possible to ride your NIU kick scooter without the NIU App. However the NIU App is a convenient tool to keep track of your rides and provides additional settings to personalise your ride experience. You may choose to pair your NIU kick scooter to your NIU App account although this is not mandatory.

  • How do I pair my NIU kick scooter in the NIU App?

    The NIU App and the NIU kick scooter pair to each other via Bluetooth. When the kick scooter is powered on, the Bluetooth indicator will begin to flash on the dashboard. Open the NIU App on your smart phone/device, register or log in and follow the instructions in the NIU App.

  • Can more than one NIU App account be connected to the NIU kick scooter?

    For security reasons, ​only one NIU App account can be connected to a NIU kick scooter.

  • I received an error message ‘Scooter firmware upgrade on the mobile app was unsuccessful.’ What should I do?

    Make sure that your smartphone is connected to the internet and keep the screen open on the NIU kick scooter when trying to upgrade again.