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48V 300W Brushless Motor / Up to 40km Range
No Exposed Wiring / Customisable Grip Tape
20% Wider Handlebar (52cm) / 13% Wider Deck (13.3cm) / 20% fatter tyres (2.3")
Powerful 48V 365Wh Lithium-ion Battery
Smart Lock / Riding Statistics / Customise Speed / Cruise Control
Dual Braking system / Iconic Halo Light and Brake Light for Safer Riding


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Cruise With Style
The KQi2 Pro is one of the best mobility electric scooters in the market that lets you commute in style with enhanced technological features and customised design.
Express Your Favorite Self
Customizable Griptape
Better Engineering, Cleaner Lines
Integrated Wiring
Minimalist Design
Integrated Drum Brake
Race The Last Mile
Perfect for your daily commute to and from work, the KQ2i has a top speed of 25km/h that gets you to places fast and hassle-free. The 40km range also means goodbye to long-range anxiety and hello to sustainable urban transportation.
Top Speed
Up to 40Km
48V Powerful Lithium-ion Battery.
Fast acceleration and superior power to tackle city slopes and inclines with ease.
Surf The Streets
From top to bottom, wide handlebars to fat tyres, the KQi2 is engineered to ensure optimal balance, effortless steering, and maximum fun. Even the gnarliest city streets will feel like you’re riding a perfect swell.
Large 10*2.3” tubeless Pneumatic tyres offer shock absorption and enhanced grip.
The neck sits at a 15 degree incline, providing you with greater stability.
52cm Handlebar - steer with ease.
Dirt, dust, and splash resistant with IP54
Pump The Brakes To Power Up
Through intelligent regenerative braking, the KQi2 feeds energy captured from the braking process back to the battery. Pump the brakes to power up!
Take Your KQi2 Anywhere, Everywhere

Have KQi2 will ride

Like all the best style accessories, you can take your KQi2 with you everywhere you go. The lightweight and foldable kick scooter makes for easy transport home after a night out, storage under your desk, or to carry on public transport.
Be Safe, Be Seen
Ride with confidence at all hours of the night, knowing you’ll be seen on the road. The iconic halo headlight blazes ahead to let everyone know you’re coming, while front and rear brake lights ensure they know when you’re slowing down.
Rear brake light
Iconic Halo Headlight
Mechanical Bell
Smart Is Stylish
Using the NIU App, lock your KQi2 for peace of mind, check your riding statistics or even customise your speed for a truly smart solution.
Rider Statistics
Anti-Theft Locking
Bluetooth Connectivity

KQi2 Pro

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Type Kick Scooter



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Power system

Voltage 48V
Rated Power 300W
Battery 365Wh
Battery Charge Time 7h
Riding Modes 4 modes: E-Save / Sport / Custom / Pedestrian

Key Specs

Maximum Range 40 km
Top Speed 25km/h
Max Rider Weight 100kg
Recommended Rider Age 16+
Vehicle Weight (Inc. battery) 18.4kg
Folding Mechanism 2 Step Easy Folding
Brake System Front Drum Brake + Rear Regenerative Brake
Bell Mechanical bell
Tyre Type Tubeless Pneumatic
Front/Rear Tyre Size 10 x 2.3" / 254mm x 58mm

Intelligent system

Set Riding Mode
Smart Unlock
Rider Statistics
Bluetooth Connectivity
OTA (over the air) Updates
Custom Speed
Cruise Control
Regenerative Braking Settings

Lighting system

Lights Front & Rear LED / Side reflectors
Display LED


Length 1147mm
Width (deck) 133mm
Width (handle bar) 520mm
Height 1220mm
Folded 1147x520x520