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Up to 25 km/h / Up to 65km Range
542mm Wide Handlebar / 9.5*2.5 Tires / Wide Deck
Powerful 48V Lithium Battery / Charge Time as little as 5 Hours
Bluetooth App Connectivity
Aerospace Grade Alumnium / Dual Disc Brakes/ Iconic Halo Light / Integrated Bell

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The City on Your Doorstep

Designed to transform the way you move, the KQi3 has a 25 km/h top speed and 50 km range making it perfect for medium to long journeys, and everything in between. The city is on your doorstep, just simply get on and go.

Top Speed

* 20mph U.S. version

Range Up To
Powerful Lithium-ion Battery

Delivering fast acceleration and power to take on city slopes and inclines with ease.

Glide From A to B

The body of the KQi3 has been engineered to ensure optimal balance, comfort, and effortless steering. Ride with ease over city terrain and enjoy a smooth ride, even at speed, from start to finish.

The neck is designed with a 75 degree incline providing you with greater stability.

542mm Handlebar - steer with ease

Wide deck for comfortable foot placement

Wide 9.5” pneumatic tyres offer shock absorption and enhanced grip

Dirt, dust, and splash resistant with IP54

Ride for Longer

With intelligent regenerative braking, power is restored to the battery which means when you’re slowing down, you’re powering up!

Let the Journey Unfold

Fold the KQi3 in a few simple steps - easily store at home, under your desk at work, the boot of your car or take with you on public transport.

Your Safety First

The KQi3 is built from aerospace grade aluminium delivering high structural strength and ultimate rider confidence. Dual-drive disc brakes deliver strong braking power in both dry and wet conditions. What’s more our iconic halo headlight and built-in bell ensures you’ll be both seen and heard.

Front & Rear Disc Brakes

Iconic Halo Headlight

Front & Rear Brake Lights

Mechanical Bell

Ride in Colour

The unique standout design comes in Rose Gold or a range of colours to brighten up your ride - whether for work or play. Who doesn’t need more colour in their life?

A Smart Ride

With the NIU App, lock the KQi3 with peace of mind, check your riding statistics or even customise your speed for a truly smart solution.

Smart Unlock

5 KM
2.5 KM
0 KM






Rider Statistics

Bluetooth Connectivity

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Type Kick Scooter Kick Scooter Kick Scooter





  • WRBB
  • BBWB
  • B

Power system

Voltage 48V 48V 48V
Rated Power 300W 350W 450W
Battery 365Wh 486Wh 608Wh
Battery Charge Time 5h 6h 8h
Riding Modes 4 modes: E-Save / Sport / Custom / Pedestrian 4 modes: E-Save / Sport / Custom / Pedestrian 4 modes: E-Save / Sport / Custom / Pedestrian

Key Specs

Maximum Range 40 km 50 km 65km
Top Speed 25km/h 25km/h 25km/h
Max Rider Weight 100kg 100kg 120kg
Recommended Rider Age 16+ 16+ 16+
Vehicle Weight (Inc. battery) 18.4kg 20.3 kg 21.1kg
Folding Mechanism 2 Step Easy Folding 2 Step Easy Folding 2 Step Easy Folding
Brake Type Disc Brake(Front) + Regenerative braking Disc Brake (Front & Rear) + Regenerative braking Disc Brake (Front & Rear) + Regenerative braking
Bell Mechanical bell Mechanical bell Mechanical bell
Tire Type Tubeless Pneumatic Tubeless Pneumatic Self-healing pneumatic tires
Front/Rear Tire Size 241*64mm 241*64mm 241*64mm

Intelligent system

Set Riding Mode
Smart Unlock
Rider Statistics
Bluetooth Connectivity
OTA (over the air) Updates
Custom Speed
Cruise Control
Regenerative Braking Settings

Lighting system

Lights Front & Rear LED / Side reflectors Front & Rear LED / Side reflectors Front & Rear LED / Side reflectors


Length 1173mm 1173mm 1130mm
Width (deck)  133mm 133mm 133mm
Width (handle bar) 542mm 542mm 541.5mm
Height 1202mm 1202mm 1202mm
Folded 1173*504*542mm 1173*504*542mm 1130×541.5×504mm

*Range based on a 75kg load at a 25 ℃ temperature, riding 15km/h at a constant speed on a flat road test.

* Unless otherwise specified, the data involved in this website are the results of internal testing.

* Due to the characteristics of lithium batteries, after a period of use, the maximum capacity of the battery will decrease. The Niu App will vary according to country and software version. The models displayed on this website will vary by market in different countries and regions. The content of this website is for reference only. For vehicle specifications and standard configuration information, please refer to the information provided in the actual place of purchase.

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